From "Ain't What You Know" (2009)

From “Ain’t What You Know” (2009)

By Bob Malone

Information is power everywhere you go
Especially the kind you ain’t supposed to know
A skeleton or two in the closet is fine
As long as it’s yours and not mine, mine, mine

It ain’t what you know
It ain’t who you know
It’s what you know about who you know
If you wanna rule the world, baby, that’s the way it goes

I got secrets, I ain’t showin’ my hand
Try and find out about me if you can
One dog eats another, that’s how the world turns
And flamethrowers always are the first to get burned


I got insurance, it don’t cost me a thing
I can make the wrong kind of people make your telephone ring
But your secrets are safe as long as mine are too
You don’t wanna know what I know about you


© 2008 Born Too Late Music (SESAC)/Nurvibob Music (SESAC)