From "The Darkest Part Of The Night" (1996)

From “The Darkest Part Of The Night” (1996)

by Bob Malone & Michael Rothenberg

I didn’t send you a snowman card
We didn’t sing a carol song
You and me didn’t stuff a turkey
But I never noticed something wrong
I Didn’t dream about you
When the sugar plum fairies came
Now I’m watching another freindship
Go swirling down the drain

‘Cause I got caught up
Caught up in Christmas
That ain’t much of an excuse
But I got caught up
Caught up in Christmas
I had my duty to do
When I should have been caught up in you

I didn’t call you back
I forgot to write
I never stopped to think about you
You’ve been misplaced in my life
I had to feed the dog
And I got real sick
I couldn’t find your telephone number
I can swear on it


Holidays make me crazy
It happens every year
Chimney smokes with witless jokes
New Year’s trumpets in my ear
And then spring comes ’round
I’m out of town, I got so much to do
Then there’s a little time left for me
And then there’s time for you…


© 1995 Born Too Late Music (SESAC)/Drums Of Grace Music (BMI)