From "Ain't What You Know" (2009)

From “Ain’t What You Know” (2009)

by Bob Malone & Bob DeMarco

You, you killed our love
Just to watch it die
To watch it die
And I cannot forgive
Your careless crime
Careless crime

You always said you would hold me, love me, need me
And I believed what you told me, now you haunt me, bleed me

Our love is in the cold cold ground
I stood there and I cried as they lowered it down
Love is never comin’ ‘round, ‘round, ‘round
Our love is in the cold cold ground

Now you’re doing fine
And that’s no surprise
No surprise
After all, I fell for you
Cause you’re so unkind
So unkind

But everyday I get stronger, I’m no longer on the floor
And the part of my heart that you tore out, I don’t need it anymore


© 2008 Born Too Late Music (SESAC)/Nurvibob Music (SESAC)