From "Like It Or Not" (2001)

From “Like It Or Not” (2001)

by George Wurzbach & Ken Meeker

I don’t read the morning paper, it brings me down
I get my news from neighbors when I’m in town
And I laugh when it’s funny and when I need to I cry
I live for today and I’ll live until I die

‘Cause I believe the world is round
So we don’t see too far down the road
And I believe the sky is blue
To keep the blues from me and you, oh this I know
And I believe old Einstein said it right
It’s a relatively simple life

Turning all my friends into family
Leaves me little room for an enemy
And when all the big questions come at me too fast
If I’m short of an answer, well then I just don’t ask


© 1997 Odo Island Music (SESAC), Ken Meeker Music (BMI)