From "Bob Malone" (1998)

From “Bob Malone” (1998)

By Bob Malone

I quit smoking
I quit drinking whiskey and beer
I quit stayin’ out all night
Watchin’ my money disappear
I quit chasing women just so I could
Leave ‘em when the morning came
Now I don’t take nobody home
Unless I know their last name
I’m a twelve-step poster child
No longer loose and wild
But I got a feeling it won’t last too long a while…

‘Cause good intentions
Only gonna get you so far
You can try to change the things you do
But you can’t change the things you are
And when the straight and narrow road
Starts to get a little rough
I find that good intentions just ain’t good enough

I used to be such a mess,
Man, I was a sight to see
Like a wreck on the side of the road,
People’d slow down just to stare at me
Howlin’ at the moon on the road to ruin,
Holdin’ a one-way ticket to hell
Nobody in the world was half as bad to me
As I was to myself
And now I’m clean and I should be glad
But I’m missing all the trouble I had
‘Cause the only thing I’ve ever been good at is bein’ bad


Now I have tried not to listen
When temptation calls
But there’s a devil whisperin’ in my ear
And he’s got me by the…


© 1998 Born Too Late Music (SESAC)