From "The Darkest Part Of The Night" (1996)

From “The Darkest Part Of The Night” (1996)

by Bob Malone

Well it’s a good thing you left me, baby
‘Cause I was running out of songs to write
Complacency had got the best of me
I’d given in to the domestic life
But now that I’m alone, just me and the muse
One thing has become very clear
You’re so much more of an inspiration now that you’re gone
Than you ever were when you were here

So don’t you worry ’bout my broken heart or what you put me through
‘Cause you unlocked my writer’s block the day you cut me loose
And not a moment we shared together would I have ever missed
‘Cause maybe baby I didn’t get you
But at least I got a song out of this…

I tried writing some love songs
But that just ain’t my scene
I tried writing a protest tune
But a folk singer, honey, I will never be
Baby, I sing the blues (that’s what I do)
But you had put an end to that
And when you took my blues away I never thought I’d see the day
That I’d be glad when you gave ’em back


Well this sounds like a hit, I think it’s gonna be around a while
‘Cause the kind of dance you did on my heart never goes out of style
And when those royalty checks start coming in I’ll have you to thank
And while you’re lovin’ that other man
I’ll be crying all the way to the bank….


© 1995 Born Too Late Music (SESAC)