From "Born Too Late" (2005)

From “Born Too Late” (2005)

by Bob Malone

Five foot two, better looking than you
Her libido on her sleeve as she walks across the room
Uh huh, oh yeah…
All the boys look, all the girls look mad
As if disruptin’ their night was how she had it planned
Uh huh, oh yeah…

I’m in love with the woman
The other women love to hate
I guess that competition that tough
Is bound to frustrate
If God made something better
He must have kept it for himself
Ain’t another girl in this world can cast her kind of spell
Boys keep your eyes on your dates
I’m in love with the woman the other women love to hate…

Now ladies don’t get angry, don’t let her ruin your day
It’s not that she’s bad, she’s just drawn that way
Uh huh, oh yeah…
It’s just natural selection, Darwin would understand
But she selected me, so don’t you worry ‘bout your man
Uh huh, oh yeah…


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