From "Ain't What You Know" (2009)

From “Ain’t What You Know” (2009)

by Bob Malone

So you’re another ingénue, good for you
Pretty face, pretty voice, and all the rest…just attitude
But what can you and your brand new broken heart
Really tell me about the blues?

What I really came to see and hear tonight
Was a face and a voice the years have ruined just right
A scarred old survivor, who’s done that long dance with pain
A soul whiskey soaked and nicotine stained

Youth is overrated, and it’s wasted on the young
At least that’s what people say, when their youthful days are done
But tonight, just like everybody else in this room
I fall a little bit in love with you…ingénue

The spotlight loves you like it never will again
Although to you this moment feels like it will never end
The gravity of innocence draws us near, pulls us in
And you don’t know you’re beautiful, because that’s all you’ve ever been


Sometimes all the things I’ve had to learn with age
Fell less like wisdom, and so much more like a cage
And if I had it all to do again, there’s probably nothing I would change
But ingénue, I envy you all the same


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