From "The Darkest Part Of The Night" (1996)

From “The Darkest Part Of The Night” (1996)

by Bob Malone

They were cocked and loaded by the time she walked in the door
They were tracking her scent all the way across the barroom floor
She was a beautiful woman, she knew what the routine would be
But she never understood why bein’ beautiful meant she did not deserve a little peace

Now here comes the first one, just like the other ones
Gonna reel her in with his best line
And while it’s clear she’s unimpressed, he ain’t getting’ the message
And he seems to think that he’s entitled to a reason why

She said:
“Why don’t you go away
How many times do I have to explain?
I just want to hear the band a have a drink or two
Just ‘cause I came in here alone don’t mean I want to go home with you”

Now all you barroom marksmen got these women in your sights
But you don’t know how to treat ‘em at all
You don’t hunt a girl down, bag her and stuff her
And mount her on your bedroom wall
If you catch the lady’s eye she’ll give you the sign
And then it’s time to make your move
But if you ain’t getting her attention then she shouldn’t have to mention
She got better things to do than to deal with you

But here comes another one just like the other ones
Gonna lay down his best pickup riff
And after gettin’ shot down the third time around
You’d think by now he might begin to catch her drift


Now maybe she’s just as cold as a refrigerator
Or maybe she’s got a thing for the piano player
Or maybe she’s got a jealous husband watching her every move
But did you ever think that maybe she turned you down
Just because she don’t wanna be with you…


© 1995 Born Too Late Music (SESAC)