From "Like It Or Not" (2001)

From “Like It Or Not” (2001)

by Bob Malone

Every night I sing the blues
Ain’t nothin’ comes more naturally
I don’t know how my life turned out to be so hard
Maybe God gets off on pickin’ on me
But I sure wouldn’t mind if life was more kind
And didn’t burden me with all these dues
Just ’cause I sing the blues don’t mean I want to…

Well, I don’t think pain is so romantic
I don’t want you to watch me bleed
It ain’t like I stood up and volunteered
To have all these evil women chasin’ me
And the only reason I learned to like that cheap whiskey
Is ’cause I never could afford to choose
Just ’cause I sing the blues don’t mean I want to…

I want to sit in a hot-tub in my big back yard
Smokin’ an illegal Havana cigar
A glass of scotch and a girl to hold
Both about twenty-one years old…

I want a Jaguar for a second car
An open tab at all of my favorite bars
Wanna settle down in the country and live that simple life
With my super-model trophy wife…

Now I guess I’d miss all this singin’ and playin’
If my fortunes suddenly improved
But there ain’t nothin’ worse than a rich musician
Singin’ ’bout how much harder he works than you
So I’ll just retire ’til the money runs out
And my comeback tour comes due
Just ’cause I sing the blues, Just ’cause I sing the blues
Just ’cause I sing the blues don’t mean I want to…

© 2001 Born Too Late Music (SESAC)