From "Like It Or Not" (2001)

From “Like It Or Not” (2001)

by Bob Malone (with apologies to Oscar Wilde)

What I lack in brains
I’ve made up for in stupidity
Everything that’s bad
Always seems to get the best of me
But I could never take the pressure
Without the release
So now I live by this rule
So I can get me some peace…

Moderation in all things – including moderation
Sometimes a small dose of excess is your only salvation
You need time off from good behavior, put your brain on vacation
Moderation in all things – including moderation

Now there ain’t nothin’ that I’ve tried
I haven’t tried to give up
There ain’t no self-destructive habit
I haven’t tried to disrupt
But now I’ve given up on giving up
On all the things that bring me joy
‘Cause all work and no whiskey
Make Bob a very dull boy…


Now they say God takes care of Fools
Drunks and little children
And I hope He’s watchin me cause I’ve been all three
There ain’t no trouble I ain’t been in
But if I surrender to a bender
It’s only when my work is done
‘Cause my ambition ain’t worth nothin’
If I ain’t havin fun…


© 1999 Born Too Late Music (SESAC)