From "Born Too Late" (2005)

From “Born Too Late” (2005)

by Bob Malone

Hollywood is a nasty little town
And no place for a stand-up guy
But when I think about leavin’ here
It gets so hard to think clear
When the summer sun shines in the January sky

This town comes on like those skinny girls
In those tiny black dresses
With tiny black hearts to match
No means no, but ‘round here yes does too
I never could get used to that

But too much bitterness corrodes the soul
There’s always something to be ungrateful for
And this big city ennui don’t look good on me no more
No more…

Mistress alcohol, man I sure did take the fall
I got seduced so easily
Nearly lost everything I ever loved
There was nothin’ left to dream of
But the solid rock bottom rushin’ up at me

I’ll waste no tears over my lost years
It wasn’t nobody’s fault but my own
We all got a cross to bear
And when you build your own you got to carry it
All by yourself alone


I’ve been mistaken for a cynical man
A disappointed romantic is all I am
You’re not paying attention if you don’t feel the same way
Because true love and faith, conscience and grace
They’re all selling so cheap these days…


Hollywood is a nasty little town and no place for a stand up guy…

© 2005 Born Too Late Music (SESAC)