From "Ain't What You Know" (2009)

From “Ain’t What You Know” (2009)

by Bob Malone

Who am I to make you cry again?
You exceed the wildest dreams of ordinary men
But I hate myself, and you pay the price
I turn the knife that’s meant for me on you
I never think twice

No one can hurt you
No one can hurt you
No one can hurt you
Like me…

I know how much you love me, and that’s dangerous
It turns me into someone I can never quite trust
And I can claim I don’t mean to say the things I do
But if I really didn’t mean them, would I have said those things to you?


Maybe I should just go away
Just because I love you don’t mean that I should stay
And it’s hard to admit, but it’s true
You’d be better off without me, but I’d be nothing without you


© 2008 Born Too Late Music (SESAC)/Nurvibob Music (SESAC)