From "The Christmas Collection" (2011)

From “The Christmas Collection” (2011)

by Bob Malone

The storefronts glitter with a million dreams
But there’ll be none of that for my baby and me
Stockings are empty and the tree is bare
But songs of joy still fill the air
We’ve got the will, but not the means
We ain’t never seen times quite so lean as these

It’s Christmas, and we got nothing
But the ground below and the stars above
It’s Christmas, and we got nothin’
Nothin’ but love

It don’t matter how bad we’re doing
There’s still laughter amid the ruins
Disarray and debts unpaid
But still the joyous music plays
And the things we want are out of reach
But baby we got everything we need…


And when the ornaments reappear
From the box in the closet where they hide all year
They’re just ghosts of a better Christmas past
Waiting just to reappear at last…


© 2011 Born Too Late Music (SESAC)