From "The Darkest Part Of The Night" (1996)

From “The Darkest Part Of The Night” (1996)

by Bob Malone

Chasin’ the broken white line on a white-knuckle ride
Exceeding every posted limit in sight
All right – here comes the night
And there’s no one around to put a stop to me
‘Cept maybe God or the state police
Oh please – have mercy on me

‘Cause I got one foot on the gas
One foot in the grave
I let the devil push the pedal tonight
And I’m one misstep away from the judgment day
And there’s no way off this highway
As far as I can see
‘Cause no matter how fast I ride
I can’t seem to get away from me…

Now when my day to day starts feeling like a cage
I let my caution ride the breeze and drive my troubles away
And it’s so hard when this need for speed comes over me
Not to cross the line between bein’ out of control and feeling free
Have mercy on me


Ahead and behind all I see
Is the road runnin’ straight like an arrow through me
There’s music in the motor when it’s up to speed
Them horses sound like a symphony…


© 1995 Born Too Late Music