“Keyboardist Bob Malone may have been the best musician on the stage outside of Mr. Fogerty himself.” – PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: John Fogerty brings the bayou to The Meadows

“I first heard him at a WWOZ piano night years ago; his combination of piano skills, witty original songs and lunatic stage energy was totally winning. Mojo Deluxe is a different experience; except for the accordion-and-strings backed “Paris,” this is hard-edged rock ‘n’ roll with New Orleans flourishes (“Chinese Algebra,” the only piano instrumental, is a quirky delight).” – OFFBEAT MAGAZINE: Mojo Deluxe Review

“There’s not a weak cut on this rich and varied outing, which is my pick for best blues album of 2015.” – MYRTLE BEACH SUN NEWS: Best Overlooked Albums of 2015

“Absolutely delicious!” – BUSCADERO MAGAZINE (Italy): Mojo Deluxe Review

“Fans of rock-oriented blues will enjoy how Mojo Deluxe showcases Malone’s talents as well as what a tight band should sound like.” – LIVING BLUES MAGAZINE: Mojo Deluxe Review

“They nailed it, start to finish.” – MUSIC RIOT UK: Mojo Live DVD Review 

“Bob is an unexpected guy to talk to, a talented and innovative musician, an inspirational performer, and…a gregarious and entertaining conversationalist. He has more stories than can fit into an article, and more mojo than a recording can contain, seeing him live may well turn you on to piano blues if you’re stuck thinking it’s all about the guitarists, and, whatever your predilection, you’re going to have a good time.” – BLUES IN BRITAIN Feature Story 

“The mood is mostly upbeat, although there are certain selections — “Toxic Love,” “Rage & Cigarettes” and “Don’t Threaten Me (With A Good Time)” — that suggest Malone may be more subversive than initially suspected.” – ELMORE MAGAZINE: Mojo Deluxe Review 

“Of the earth and of the spirit, Mojo Deluxe will hit you where you live even as it gets your backfield in motion.” – DEEP ROOTS MAGAZINE: Mojo Deluxe Review 

“With Malone’s latest offering, he has found his mojo delivering a superbly produced blues rock album packed with funk and oozing with soul.” – NATIONAL ROCK REVIEW: Mojo Deluxe Review 

“Bob Malone can go home again…” – NEW JERSEY HERALD: Bob Malone, piano man for Fogerty, returning to where it all started

“Nothing close to a bad cut and the back-up band members are uniformly studly.” – VENTURA COUNTY STAR: Mojo Deluxe Review 

“He sings in a 2:00 a.m. closing-time bar-room voice ravaged by decades of cigarette smoke and whiskey (that’s a compliment). His scintillating electric Wurlitzer, Hammond B-3, acoustic upright piano, clavinet, accordion and stomp box…creates a truly rock and rolling idiosyncratic blues of personal proportions. In other words, his mojo is, indeed, deluxe.” – CLASSICALITE: Mojo Deluxe Review 

“As a solo act his music is akin to what Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival often specialize in: songs that tell tales from the ominous side of life.” – AXS TV: More Summertime Blues: The Best of the Season’s New Blues Releases. 

“[Malone] proves without a doubt that he is the real deal and a force to be reckoned with.” – THE BLUES BLOGGER: Mojo Deluxe Review 

“Man! This is great. When it seems like nobody knows the beauty and joy in real soul and R&B, the fun and the funk, along comes Malone with a new masterpiece.” – AMERICAN SONGWRITER: Mojo Deluxe Review 

“On Bob Malone’s new album Mojo Deluxe, the keyboardist whacks listeners’ ears to attention with the skill he has honed over a lifetime of playing blues, soul and rock ‘n roll, reminding us that real blues music comes not from the instruments but from the feeling behind each note.” – BLUES ROCK REVIEW: Mojo Deluxe Review 

“You would never guess that “Mojo Deluxe” is Bob Malone’s seventh album; granted it’s packed with the kind of accomplished playing, tipping over into virtuosity, that you would expect from seasoned players, but there’s a vitality and freshness here that wouldn’t be out of place on a debut album.” – MUSIC RIOT UK: Mojo Deluxe Review 

“With a mix of rock, blues, and New Orleans-style R&B, combined with a warm, lived-in singing voice and top notch song-writing, Mojo Deluxe is Malone’s seventh and perhaps most impressive solo release.” – BLUES BLAST MAGAZINE: Mojo Deluxe Review 

“These blues truly rock.” – PARCBENCH: Mojo Deluxe Review 

“John Fogerty’s keyboard man shows what happens when a classically trained cat cuts loose and runs away to join the circus. Underpinned throughout by the kind of flawless chops he was raised on, this gruff voiced blues rocker has that special knack for hiding unabashed commercial chops in organic clothing.” – MIDWEST RECORD: Mojo Deluxe Review 

“Recommended.” – BLUESMAGAZINE NL: Mojo Deluxe Review (Dutch) 

“Bob Malone is not only a great piano virtuoso, but also an amazing songwriter and vocalist. Thanks to the musical diversity, this is a great album. Highly recommended!” – KEYS & CHORDS MAGAZINE: Mojo Deluxe Review (Dutch) 

“I’m totally sold on Bob and his band. This is a honey of a record, I recommend it highly.” – BLUES MATTERS: Mojo EP Review 

“This ivory tickler to the stars rips up the Essex seafront at a blistering gig.” – THE BLUES MAGAZINE UK: Best Of 2014 

“A fine EP of rollicking Blues with gusto and pizzazz.” – MUSIC-NEWS UK: Mojo EP Review 

“From the opening chords of “Why Not Me?”, Bob’s engaging manner between songs and his blues growl have the audience eating out of his hands, and that’s before you hear his superb piano playing.” – MUSIC-RIOT UK 

“A true virtuoso and crowd-pleaser – he showed that while he is a fantastically technically accomplished player, he fully knows the meaning of showmanship as well.” – SHETLAND NEWS: Grooves, Jams & Funky Bass At Blues Festival 

“Successful solo artist and keyboard player Bob Malone, dazzled with his work.” – PHOENIX EXAMINER: John Fogerty Plays A Song For Everyone 

“If he could find a way to throw that Steinway grand over his shoulder the way a hot dog guitar player does, I think he would.” – NOLA DEFENDER: Piano Night Recap 

“For an indie artist, the path to lasting success is often long, built on perseverance and a commitment to the music. Exhibit A is Bob Malone.” – BERKLEE TODAY: Bob Malone – Road Warrior 

“The Los Angeles-based keyboard wizard and singer Bob Malone barrels into town for the latest installment of the “Rock & Roll Roadshow.” – THE NEW YORKER 

“A new peak in a rather mountainous career, the new record is a great step forward; it possesses the virtuosic piano playing and smoky vocals of previous works but moves into previously uncharted territory as well.” – FILTER MAGAZINE: Ain’t What You Know Review 

“US blues pianist Bob Malone cakewalked all over the keys with rip-roaring pyrotechnics that were part skill and part showmanship, often eschewing the piano stool and jumping around like a rock star.” – THE WEST AUSTRALIAN: Magic Moments Delivered By A Wizard Of The Blues 

“Bob Malone is first and foremost presented as an excellent keyboard player and also as a fantastic performer on his Mojo EP.” – FATEA REVIEWS UK 

“Bob Malone On Self-Promotion Strategies.” – RECORDING MAGAZINE 

“[Fogerty’s] five-man backup band was slouch-free, too – with the show-stealer trophy going to a shaggy-haired Bob Malone.” – EDMONTON JOURNAL: Fogerty Takes His Fans Back To The Bayou 

“Rock ‘n’ roll, New Orleans piano magic.” – RHYTHMS MAGAZINE: Malone’s New Tone