From "Ain't What You Know" (2009)

From “Ain’t What You Know” (2009)

by Bob Malone

She’s a small girl, got the weight of the world
On her shoulders
I don’t know how she carries the load
Anybody else would fold
She’s a brave girl, with a heart of gold
Collects misfits and lost souls
Lets all their pain
Fall down on her like rain

And everything you think you know about her
Is just as right as it is wrong
She’s a mystery, even to me
And I have loved her for so long
She’s the biggest thing in my world
My small girl

She’s her own girl, belongs to herself
So get in line like everyone else
You won’t get your way
But you won’t forget the day

She’s a cautious girl with a careless streak
Unpredictable, to say the least
A hurricane
Just don’t get in the way


And it’s always stormy weather
When you look into her eyes
But it’s a beautiful reward if you brave that storm
And come out on the other side…

She’s a small girl, larger than life
And you’re lucky just to be alive
When she’s in the room
She’s always gone too soon


© 2008 Born Too Late Music (SESAC)/Nurvibob Music (SESAC)