From "Born Too Late" (2005)

From “Born Too Late” (2005)

by Bob Malone

It’s All Hallows Eve, and I can’t believe
It’s come around so soon again
The whole year’s been so terrifying
It’s like the last Hallowe’en never came to an end
And I see all the usual suspects, at this Hallowe’en costume ball
But under that fake blood and lampblack
Are the scariest creatures of all…

So what if it’s Hallowe’en, man I was already scared
All I got to do is take a look in the mirror
There’s more than enough horror there
It’s a frightening scene
Just take a look around this place
Because there ain’t no monster in this joint
As scary as the human race

Terrorists and televangelists
Racists and recidivists
I try to understand my fellow man
But my mind keeps tryin’ to resist
All those scream queen silver screen creatures of the night
They only lookin’ for their next meal
But how do you explain them human blood suckers
Lookin’ for a soul to steal…


© 2005 Born Too Late Music (SESAC)