From "Like It Or Not" (2001)

From “Like It Or Not” (2001)

by Bob Malone

I overheard a conversation filled with speculation
‘Bout the things that I was doin’ last night
The amount of debauchery attributed to me
Was more than most people see in their whole life
The only problem with the story in it’s dubious glory
Was that not a single word was true
‘Cause I had spent the whole evening, except when I was sleepin’
Alone at home in front of the tube

Sometimes I wish I were me
I wish my life was half as cool as people make it out to be
‘Cause I’ve heard things so hard to believe
That even I can live my own life vicariously
But when your bad reputation makes for better conversation
Just forget about reality
Now, I ain’t complaining ’cause I love my life
But sometimes I wish I were me

Well I was nursin’ my beer and straining to hear
‘Bout what I did and who I did it with
And I have to admit, I was impressed with the bit
About that waitress and her friend who work the late late shift
And where they get this stuff, well, Lord only knows
But I guess I’ll just let ’em believe
‘Cause it ain’t the truth that makes a legend grow
The truth is just what sows the seed


Now, I’m no stranger to bad behavior
And when it comes to fun, I’ve had more than my share
But when I hear those reports of the sordid sort
You know I really wish I could have been there…


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