From "Bob Malone" (1998)

From “Bob Malone” (1998)

by Bob Malone

I’m sitting in this restaurant, and I’m sitting alone
You know I can hardly stand it
Cigarette-wielding couples
Blowing smoke in each other’s faces
How romantic
And every place I go just reminds me of you
You know there just ain’t no escape, no escape
I wonder what you’d say and I wonder what you’d do
If you could see me in this pathetic state

And too much time alone
Makes you crazy til it makes you numb
I’ll have a table for one.

And you still pull my string
Even though you’re on your own
You’re like a yo-yo that don’t come back, don’t come back
And the only thing I’ve learned from this
Is how to drink alone
Til the memories fade to black, fade to black


And it seems like everybody’s talking too loud
Without you between me and this crowd
And I keep hoping a friend will come walking through that door
Mmm, but there’s no one there, just strangers everywhere.


© 1990 Born Too Late Music (SESAC)