From "Born Too Late" (2005)

From “Born Too Late” (2005)

by Bob Malone

Well, the age of steam is just a dream
And I guess I’ll never be the pilot of the Mississippi Queen
It ain’t such an unusual fate
To find out you were born too late
And its pointless to pine for a simpler time
‘Cause if I were back there, I’d just miss everything I left behind
This ungracious age is all I’ve ever known
The only time I can truly call my own

But the whole wide world is moving way too fast
And lord knows I ain’t no exception
And it amazes me that we all can run so quickly
And still be running in the wrong direction…

Liars and fools shout at me on the radio and TV
Since when did substance become a liability?
The sad decline of the damned human race
Seems to be what’s passing for diversion these days

And all that pointless sound and fury, it don’t satisfy me
Its just confirmation that the situation is as hopeless as I fear
And there may never be a dull moment, but if you ask me
We sure could use a dull moment ‘round here…

One of these years, I’m gonna disappear
Just me and my baby gonna get far away from here
Fade away one day with a smile on my face
Under a palm tree someplace
In a land where time doesn’t fly
Somewhere that time keeps passing by

Well the age of steam is just a dream…

© 2005 Born Too Late Music (SESAC)