Single – 2016

by Bob Malone

I live down by the river, it gives me life
I put down roots here, two kids and a wife
Every day is a blessing, don’t you think I know?
Sooner or later, riverbank gonna overflow

The river gives, the river takes away
You can’t stop the water’s rise, you can only pray
The river gives, the river takes away
Down here by the river, we live day to day

Now the water has swept away everything I’ve known
I stand on a ruin that once was my home
Nothing but nothing, far as my eye can see
I can’t help but wonder: what will become of me?


But when the flood goes down, we’ll still be around
‘Cause it ain’t just houses, that make this a town
Yeah I’ll be back again, and I won’t be alone
‘Cause this is my home
This is my home…


(c) 2016 Born Too Late Music (SESAC)