From "Born Too Late" (2005)

From “Born Too Late” (2005)

By Bob Malone

He believes that:
Elvis is coming back
Steppin’ on a crack break your mamma’s back
Cell phones give you cancer…Jesus is the answer
Drinkin Budweiser makes ya sexy
There’s only one way to do a thing correctly
You can make a million bucks working from home
Just call the toll-free number on the telephone

And he thinks the stripper likes him
He thinks he’s getting the eye and
Tonight he’s gonna strike like lightning
He thinks its attraction but he’s got it wrong
She’s just eyeing that Jackson in his sweaty palm
But he thinks the stripper likes him…

He believes the:
Tabloid screamers in the checkout rack
Magic pills make you shed a hundred pounds of fat
All the lines they feed ya right before they leave ya
All that crap about the liberal media
Alcohol is all you need to make you sound witty
Crocodiles in the sewers under New York City
There’s nothing short sighted ‘bout blind ambition
And Kenny G is a jazz musician


Renaissance, Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution
Seems like they never even happened
Considering the current confusion
Modern day hieroglyphs, urban myths
Reversal of the Age Of Reason
‘Cause it’s the twenty-first century but superstition’s still in season…


He thinks the way the light shines
Off the top of his head
Gonna get that peeler into his bed
And he thinks the stripper likes him…

© 2005 Born Too Late Music (SESAC)