I just spent 3 amazing, sleepless days as the musical director for the Ultimate Vocal Music Summit here in Los Angeles. We mentored a group of stunningly talented young people, ranging in age from 4 to 20, and got to show them what their dreams of a life making music looked like up close. The growth I saw from them in just three days was astounding. I was on panels with songwriters, players, and producers who have all been responsible for countless hit records (I have been responsible for exactly zero hit records, but there I was anyway!), and I sang a few of my songs and told the stories behind them. But mostly, I was the musical director: I wrote band charts and arrangements for some 30 tunes. Transposed them a few times, and rewrote them, as the kids worked with their vocal coaches and got closer to their vision of how they would perform the songs. Then yesterday, I led an all-star band of amazing players – including my John Fogerty bandmate Kenny Aronoff – through a concert featuring all of the singers. And even though I was sleep-deprived nearly to the point of hallucination, and I had mostly forgotten to eat for most of the weekend, and I had stared at sheets of music until they had nearly lost all meaning, I was transported with joy as I sat behind the piano and saw the show through the eyes of these young singers who were having their musical dreams come true. Many thanks to Dawn Elder for inviting me on this journey – it was unforgettable.

And now, back to my regular life! This week I have two solo shows in Delaware (one of them opening for blues legend Joe Louis Walker!), followed by a week in Canada with John Fogerty, followed by three more solo shows in Seattle/Portland in early November. Here’s a list:

10/13: Arden, DE – Arden Gild Hall (w/Joe Louis Walker)
10/14: Wilmington, DE – Bellefonte Cafe
10/18: Abbotsford, Canada – Abbotsford Centre (w/John Fogerty)
10/19: Victoria, Canada – Save On Foods Memorial Centre (w/John Fogerty)
10/21: Calgary, Canada – The Saddledome (w/John Fogerty)
10/22: Edmonton Canada – Rogers Place (w/John Fogerty)
10/23: Fort McMurray, Alberta (w/John Fogerty)
11/3: Portland, OR – Skype Live Studio at KINK-FM
11/4: Seattle, WA – Kenyon Hall (with Arthur Migliazza)
11/5: Portland, OR – Music Millennium

Just in time for Halloween – the sheet music for my song “So What If It’s Hallowe’en” is available now! Get the sheet music and the recording at the Bob Malone Store!