From "Like It Or Not" (2001)

From “Like It Or Not” (2001)

by Bob Malone

It’s February fourteenth
A lover’s holiday
But the girl that I’m in love with
Is two-thousand miles away
So I send her my affection
On a long distance line
I say “we ain’t missing nothin’ but each other
And don’t you worry ’bout that old Saint Valentine”

‘Cause I’ll send you roses in December
A box of chocolates in June
A love note when you least expect it
Signed by me to you
The calendar don’t matter
I’ll always feel the same way
‘Cause every day we are together
Is Valentine’s Day

I saw this couple on the corner
Careful steps and silver hair
The years had taken so much from them
But they didn’t seem to care
‘Cause they were holding hands and smiling
Like they were seventeen
And I hope someday the girl that old man still sees is you
And that old man is me

So wait for me
‘Cause time will be our friend
For you and me
This day will never end


© 2001 Born Too Late Music (SESAC)