From "Mojo Deluxe" (2015)

From “Mojo Deluxe” (2015)

by Bob Malone

I pulled into Vegas
With nothing but a dollar to my name
A half-pint and an empty tank
And no one but myself to blame
Tortured by the desert sun
Still I never seen a town so cold
But I put my dollar down
And watched a miracle unfold

And if God is really up there
I guess he must be watching me
I hear he’s partial to drunks, fools and children
And lord knows I’m still all three
So I’m sending thanks to heaven
Wherever that may be
Cuz if I’ve survived the life I’ve lived
Someone must be watching over me

I envy the believers
So sure of what they cannot see
I gotta have me some proof
If you want to make a believer out of me
The only thing I’m sure about
Is where I am and where I have been
All I know is getting knocked down
Getting up and trying again


© 2015 Born Too Late Music (SESAC)