From "Born Too Late" (2005)

From “Born Too Late” (2005)

by Dave Berg

She runs on female standard time
A change of clothes or two behind
Sometimes I think she fell to earth
To dance around on my last nerve
But oh, when she smiles
She sure can drive this old heart wild

She’s an angel, and then she ain’t
Complicated picture no mortal man could paint
Woman child, hard to hold, a little shy, a little bold
She likes to drive me crazy, but man I love her
And you can’t have one without the other

She’s got thirty-seven pairs of shoes
Thirty-six she’s never used
She takes forever with her hair,
And I swear the wind just blew it there
Ah but I never know
Which way that wind is gonna blow


She’s gonna drive me to an early grave
But I’ll be smilin’ all the way…